The BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) family of assessment methods and tools are all designed to help construction professionals understand and mitigate the environmental impacts of the developments they design and build. BREEAM provides a credible environmental label for buildings and allows developments to be recognised according to their environmental benefits.

EMEC Ecology can provide an ecology survey for BREEAM that will be both efficient and cost effective to the site specifics. Reports are produced as soon as possible however should you have a specific date for submission; we will do our utmost to accommodate this.

BREEAM – Biodiversity Enhancement Measures

As part of BREEAM Ecology, credits are awarded to developments that result in no net loss of biodiversity across the site. This is measured as the average number of floral species per metre squared. Additional credits can be gained by demonstrating an increase in the number of floral species per metre squared across the site. Frequently, this will require the planting of additional species, in compensation for the area lost to development. It may require the creation of an entirely new habitat. EMEC Ecology can provide advice on achievable ways of gaining these credits through a BREEAM and can offer suggestions as to appropriate seed mixes. EMEC Ecology can also give guidance as to the future management of the habitat in order to ensure it is maintained within the site. This may also result in additional credits as part of the BREEAM.