Established in 1991, East Midlands Environmental Consultants (trading as EMEC Ecology) is a specialist ecology, land management and arboricultural consultancy.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, all profits are gift aided to the Trust to support nature conservation. Over the last 30 years, EMEC has gift-aided over £1m to Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust’s (NWT) which has been used to fund habitat conservation work across nature reserves under the management of NWT and other wildlife conservation activities and campaigns.

EMEC was originally founded to provide a newt surveying service for NWT. Originally all surveys required to be carried out by NWT were outsourced to other contractors. It was soon realised the surveying work could be kept in house and profits could be retained and reinvested back into conservation work. As a result of this, EMEC’s service offering has increased year on year.

This association with NWT and the relationship EMEC builds with its clients ensures we play a key role in a circular economy of delivering advice that meets the needs of developers and the demand for new developments, but also helps conservation by securing re-investment in other habitats that need protection.

“We maximise future biodiversity through our expertise, integrity and service delivery, mitigating the impact of development and gift-aiding all of our profits to Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust.”

Although the profits EMEC generates for NWT cannot be directly attributed to any singular conservation project the trust undertakes, we are very proud of the projects we are indirectly associated with. These include;

  • The release of a family of four beavers at Idle Valley Nature Reserve after a gap of at least 400 years
  • Creation of over 80 ponds throughout the East Midlands through the District Level Licencing scheme
  • Wetland enhancement and creation on farmland in North Nottinghamshire

EMEC employs a team of highly skilled professionals with a wealth of practical experience and a strong client-focused approach. All staff are encouraged and trained to become members of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM) and all work is carried out in accordance with CIEEM’s Code of Practice. We pride ourselves on our specialist local knowledge.

Based in the heart of the East Midlands, EMEC Ecology operates for its clients throughout the UK. It serves developers, planners, architects, power and extraction industries, utility companies, local authorities, government agencies and private individuals. Its varied portfolio of work ranges from major national research contracts and large-scale ecological impact assessments for housing and industry, through to management planning for nature reserves, bat surveys of barns and churches and habitat surveys of small-scale developments.

great crested newt

Species survey calendar

Most ecological surveys and mitigation work can only be undertaken at specific times of the year. Involving EMEC at a project’s inception will help to avoid delays and allow the most effective service to be provided.

Open calendar

As a company, EMEC Ecology is committed to the principles of sustainable development. Its advice regularly enables clients to reduce the ecological impact of their operations and wherever possible it works with clients to secure ecological gain. EMEC operates a Quality Management System in accordance with ISO9001:2015 and an Environmental Management System in accordance with ISO14001:2015. EMEC is also certified as a Worksafe Contractor in relation to Health and Safety Management, as recognised by SSIP.