oak leaves in autumn

When considering whether a piece of land is suitable for building residential or commercial development, it is important to consider ecological matters early on in the planning process.

Biodiversity Net Gain is now a mandatory piece of legislation and the statutory authorities now require all necessary ecological surveys to be completed before they will grant planning permission.

Due to the seasonality of when ecological surveys can be undertaken, if not planned correctly this can result in significant delays to your project. Engaging with EMEC early on can help you first identify whether a piece of land is suitable for development and then plan the surveys you need within the project timeline.

EMEC will also help you identify what mitigating steps might be possible to transform land with little agricultural value into a commercial prospect for development or to assist with BNG requirements. Our goal is to help you demonstrate to the planning authorities that your development will not impact on a designated site or Biodiversity Action plan habitat.

EMEC provide a wide range of specialist ecological mitigation services, which can be employed to minimise the ecological impact of development projects.