Grassland Management and Restoration

EMEC has extensive experience in grassland management and restoration. We are able to carry out a wide range of grassland management tasks, including: grass cutting, topping and treatment of invasive weed species. We are also able to plan and implement grassland restoration projects.


Recent grassland management projects in the East Midlands have included meadow cutting on Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust reserves, managing sites within Notttingham City and a meadow creation project in Derbyshire.

Foxcovert Plantation Sandy Heath Enhancement

A Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust reserve, comprising of an oak and birch woodland with a sandy heath/grassland. EMEC’s land management team were asked to increase the small amount of heather growing on the site by stripping the nutrient rich top soil, digging down and bringing up the poorer sandy substrate (and placing this above the buried top soil). This was done in several small patches and heather cuttings from Foxcovert Plantation placed into the bare areas.


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EMEC provides professional grassland management and restoration at a competitive price throughout Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, the East Midlands and the rest of the UK.

If you require a quotation please send an email to us at including any site plans that you have available (or details and photographs of the site if applicable) with details of the proposed works, along with your contact details. Should you wish to discuss your requirements further, please call us on 0115 964 4828.