While all plants should be considered to be potentially toxic unless competently identified as being edible, a poisonous plant survey can help to identify those species that are particularly toxic or likely to be accidentally consumed.


Ideally the survey should be carried out during the plant growing season (April to September inclusively). If it is necessary to carry out the survey during winter months, an additional survey within the plant growing season may be required if deemed necessary.


A walkover of the site will be conducted and native and ornamental species of plant with known toxicity to humans will be identified and their position recorded. Main consideration will be given to plants that are considered to either be highly poisonous to humans if ingested and/or where the fruit or seeds of the plant have the potential to be mistakenly considered to be edible.

Following the Survey

A letter report will be produced detailing the survey methodology and any hazardous/poisonous plants or trees found on site.

Our Land Management team are able to undertake treatment or removal of poisonous species identified where necessary.