Senior Management

  • Ed Tripp | Consultancy Manager

    Ed has a background in ecology, and a passion for conservation. In his day to day role at EMEC, he leads our highly qualified, knowledgeable and enthusiastic team of land management consultants, ecologists and arboriculturists.

    His qualifications include a BSc (Hons) Geography, PgC Geographical Information Systems, MSc Botanical Conservation and a PhD Heathland Ecology.


Project Management

  • Ben Jones | Project Manager
    Ben Jones


    Ben joined EMEC in June 2020 following an eight-year career working for Tier 1 Civil Engineering Contractors, delivering nationally significant infrastructure projects in the UK and New Zealand. Project Management specific qualifications such as PRINCE2 have supplemented his HND and membership of the Institute of Civil Engineers to allow development into his current role as Project Manager. Within this role he oversees the delivery of EMECs largest projects.

  • Sarah-Marie Taylor | Assistant Project Manager

    Sarah graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a BSc (Hons) Environmental Design & Management in 2013. Upon graduation, she went to work for a global agroscience research organisation gaining experience in practical field trials and project management. In 2015, she followed her passion and established a Community Interest Company in Nottingham delivering Horticultural and Environmental Education to schools and within the community. During this time, she delivered many projects with the council, housing associations and other local organisations, further deepening her project management and environmental engagement experience. Sarah joined the project management team in July 2020 and works on EMEC’s largest projects such as HS2 and District Level Licensing. She has also recently taken on the role of ISO compliance officer ensuring EMEC’s ISO 9001 & 14001 are maintained.


  • Sean Gallagher | Principal Ecologist


    Sean joined EMEC Ecology in 2003. He graduated from The University of East Anglia in the mid 70’s with a degree in Biological Sciences and went on to complete a p/g Cert. Ed. at Keswick Hall College in Norwich. After this a 15 year full-time career in various secondary schools, teaching science up to A-level (biology/chemistry), followed by 10 years part-time teaching and part-time ecology work. After completing a Master’s degree in Ecology and Environmental Management at the University of Nottingham in 1999, Sean gained further ecological consultancy experience in North Wales, followed by a year working as a Conservation Officer with Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust before joining EMEC Ecology full-time in 2003.

    Sean is primarily responsible for bat survey and mitigation advice (including applications for European Protected Species licences with respect to bats). As well as being a licenced bat surveyor, he is also ‘registered consultant’ RC112 for obtaining ‘low impact’ Bat Mitigation Class Licences (BMCL). He is also highly experienced in botanical survey and management planning and has over fifteen years experience of professional ecological work. This includes upland vegetation surveys in the Mourne Mountains and seabird surveys on the west coast of Scotland and Shetland. Sean is also licensed to survey for great crested newts and white-clawed crayfish.

  • Claire Wilson | Principal Ecologist
    MSc, BSc (Hons), MCIEEM

    Claire has a BSc in Zoology and a MSc in conservation biology. Claire joined EMEC from a consultancy in the north west where she worked for nine years. Claire has a wide range of experience as a project managing ecologist and has managed and undertaken surveys for nationally significant infrastructure projects, residential schemes, utilities schemes and has also undertaken works for statutory bodies, including pond surveys for Natural England’s District Level Licencing Scheme. Claire specialises in mammal surveys, ecology and mitigation. Claire holds Natural England Class Licences for bats, great crested newt and dormouse, and development licences for badger and dormouse.

  • Alice Palmer | Ecologist


    Alice joined EMEC in September 2020, after returning from a two-year career break in Canada where she worked as a field technician at several bird observatories. Prior to her work abroad, Alice held a graduate ecologist role at a multi-disciplinary consultancy for three years, after graduating from the University of Leeds with an MSc in Biodiversity and Conservation. Alice holds Natural England Class Licenses for bats and great crested newt, and has experience of Phase 1 Habitat surveys and a range of protected species surveys, including bats, great crested newts, badger, water voles and birds. Alice also has experience conducting Biodiversity Impact Assessments to achieve 10% net gain using UK Habitat Classification and the DEFRA Metric.

  • Jake Hill | Ecologist


    For as long as I can remember I have loved being outdoors, no matter the weather! My parents bought me a bird book when I was 7 years old, and my interest in wildlife, especially birds, grew from there on. My love for wildlife and birds continued to grow, and I tailored my education to match my hobby by completing a degree in Ecology and Environmental Management. I have worked as an Ecologist for four years, with my specialism being Ornithology, although I have experience in all aspects of ecology. I hold a survey class licence for Barn Owl and I am a qualified tree climber. I am currently working towards gaining my survey licence for great crested newts and bats.

  • Sarah Spotswood | Ecologist


    Sarah joined EMEC in June 2018 after graduating from the University of Nottingham that summer with a first class honours degree in Zoology. Sarah holds Natural England Class Licences for bats and great crested newts and is experienced in conducting phase-1 habitat surveys and a variety of protected species surveys, including badger, bat, great crested newt, water vole, nesting bird and reptile surveys. She is also experienced in the design and management of habitat for great crested newts. Sarah qualified as a badger vaccinator in 2019 and assists the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust with their BEVS vaccination program.

  • Rachel West | Ecologist


    Rachel joined EMEC in the summer of 2019 whilst completing her Masters in Biodiversity Conservation at Nottingham Trent University, starting a full time position in February 2020 after her graduation with Distinction. She gained extensive ecological experience over the 2018 survey season on placement in Devon and is enthusiastically building her experience as an ecologist in her new role. Prior to her masters degree, Rachel enjoyed many volunteer roles in environmental education and practical conservation in the UK, and pursued a passion for birds studying ornithology in Canada. She plans to build her diverse ecological skills and licences, including botany and birds, in her career.

  • Greg Gilmore | Ecologist


    Greg joined EMEC in September 2020, following three seasons with a large consultancy in the North of England. He completed his degree in ecology and land management in 2016 and now looks to bolster his skills within the ecology field. He is experienced in a wide range of ecological surveys for protected species, including reptile and phase 1 habitat surveys and holds both great crested newt and bat survey licences. He has a passion for birds and has gained a great deal of experience in carrying out breeding, wetland and vantage point bird surveys through working on a large national infrastructure project within the Midlands. A trainee bird ringer for a local group, Greg also volunteers on Breeding and Wetland bird surveys for the British Trust for Ornithology in Nottinghamshire. He is also proficient and trained in the use of chainsaw, brush cutter and other habitat management tools through a previous volunteer ranger position.

  • Ed Donell | Land Management Operative/Botanist
    Ed Donell

    Ed joined EMEC Ecology in the summer of 2019 after completing a traineeship with Natural England on Dartmoor. Ed is now responsible for leading the Botanical surveying at EMEC as well as delivering practical management as an operative in the Land Management Team. As a botanist he has carries out a range of work including National Vegetative Classification surveys, Site of Special Scientific Interest condition assessments, poisonous plant surveys and advises on habitat management through the production of management plans. Through his role in Land Management he takes part in a wide range of practical conservation work including use of the chainsaw and brushcutter and the creation of wetland, woodland and grassland habitats.  

  • Chloe Warren | Assistant Ecologist

    Born and raised in Dorset, I grew up on a farm and was always surrounded by beautiful countryside and seaside scenes at every turn. I think this upbringing really inspired my passion for nature and wildlife. I studied at the at the University of Derby and achieved a 1st class BSc(Hons) Zoology degree following a pathway accredited by CIEEM. For my independent study at on my course, I studied the olfactory relationships of small mammals and produced a blog post for the Mammal Society: Sniffing out the biases in small mammal trapping – The Mammal Society . I am currently a Qualifying member of CIEEM and I am actively working towards my protected species licenses for great crested newts and bats. At EMEC, I assist the ecologists with a multitude of projects and I am currently managing our arboricultural projects and seasonal staff.

    I am also involved in the badger vaccination team, where we are working with local land owners to vaccinate badger populations against bTB. I additionally have a keen interest in osteology and spend my spare time collecting and cleaning animal skulls!

  • Adrian Dutton | Entomologist

    Joining us in August 2015, Adrian Dutton brings additional skills to EMEC Ecology, with his 30 years experience in invertebrates. He is a valuable asset to the company and has already carried out invertebrate surveys for Natural England across the country, looking at invertebrate abundance in relation to scrub habitat. In addition to the species level identification required for the contract for Natural England, Adrian has been undertaking butterfly and moth surveys at sites in Nottinghamshire and aquatic invertebrate surveys of rivers and streams. The results of these surveys can be used to assess the pollution levels of watercourses.

Land Management

  • David Sutton | Land Management Contracts Manager

    Dave is responsible for planning and creating projects as well as managing the team. He holds a BSc combined Honours in Countryside Management and Earth Science from Liverpool University. Dave has over 20 years of conservation experience including nearly 10 years as a Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust reserves officer. Dave holds NPTC qualifications in Level 3 chainsaw felling and Level 2 pesticides as well as tree climbing and he has also assisted with European protected species surveys and mitigation projects.

  • Philip Bych | Land Management Supervisor

    Philip joined the team after he graduated from Nottingham Trent University, where he completed a BSc in Wildlife Conservation. He has worked on numerous projects including creating wildlife ponds, building dipping platforms and constructing artificial badger setts and assisted with bat, reptile and GCN surveys.

    Philip has over 10 years volunteering experience with Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust as well as several years’ experience as a volunteer with hazel dormice and bats.

    Philip has a Dormouse licence, is a NPTC Level 3 chainsaw operator and is Level 2 pesticide licence holder.  In addition, Philip is an APHA qualified lay vaccinator for badgers, and has assisted the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust with their badger vaccination scheme

  • David Vincent | Land Management Supervisor
    David Vincent

    Vinny joined us after completing an NVQ in Countryside Management and volunteering for the Trust and EMEC. Amongst numerous different jobs with the Land Management team he has helped create over 25 new ponds as mitigation for great crested newts, installed coir rolls to reinforce banks and increase the plant biodiversity of ponds and waterways and installed temporary amphibian fencing (TAF). Vinny has numerous qualifications including NPTC Level 2 chainsaw operator, tree climber, mewp operator, qualified excavator and dumper operation. Vinny is also an approved ECoW and has assisted the ecology team in a wide variety of European protected species surveys. 

  • Ed Donell | Land Management Operative/Botanist
    Ed Donell

    Ed joined EMEC Ecology in the summer of 2019 after completing a traineeship with Natural England on Dartmoor. Ed is now responsible for leading the Botanical surveying at EMEC as well as delivering practical management as an operative in the Land Management Team. As a botanist he has carries out a range of work including National Vegetative Classification surveys, Site of Special Scientific Interest condition assessments, poisonous plant surveys and advises on habitat management through the production of management plans. Through his role in Land Management he takes part in a wide range of practical conservation work including use of the chainsaw and brushcutter and the creation of wetland, woodland and grassland habitats.  

  • Chris Liebmann | Land Management Operator
    Chris Leibmann

    Chris joined the Land Management team shortly after completing his MSc in Wildlife and Landscape Management. Since then he has applied this to the work he’s done for EMEC and gained experience in the management and creation of grassland, woodland and aquatic habitats, the surveying and managing of protected species, the controlling of invasive non-native species, the installation of site structures such as fencing and gates, and the construction and repairs of footpaths and boardwalks.

    He has dedicated skills within the field of arboriculture including holding the LANTRA Professional Tree Inspection Award, and holds qualified Technician grade membership of the Arboricultural Association.

    His additional relevant qualifications include NPTC Level 2 Award in Chainsaws, Brushcutters, Tree Climbing and Rescue and SSSTS certification.

  • Andrew Spreadbury | Land Management Assistant

    Andy came to us after completing a Wildlife Conservation Degree at Brackenhurst and has gained a wide range of new skills and experience including Level 2 Chainsaw and ATV Driving. He has assisted with a number of protected species projects, in particular GCN pond installation and maintenance as well as numerous practical habitat management projects. 

  • Joe Foster | Land Management Assistant
    Joe Foster

    Joe is currently working on completing his Degree in Zoology at Derby University and spends much of his spare time assisting the team with a wide variety of practical habitat management tasks and is a particularly proficient tree planter. He holds a Level 2 chainsaw and brushcutter licences, NPTC pesticides and ATV driving tickets. 

Business Support

  • Kelly Yates | Business Support Coordinator


    Kelly joined EMEC Ecology in 2017 as our administrator, coming from a background of charity administration and finance. Kelly ensures the smooth running of day to day office procedures and is always happy to help. Kelly is a member of the Association of Accounting Technicians.

  • James Evans | Administration Assistant
    James Evans

    James joined EMEC at the start of 2022 as Administrative and Marketing Assistant after completing his Master’s degree in Environmental Science and Management. James assists Kelly in her role as Business Support Coordinator ensuring the smooth running of office activities. However, James intends to pursue his passion for environmental science and ecology through on site work with the other departments at EMEC. He has a wide range of interests in many aspects of conservation and zoology and hopes to build experience working on various company activities such as Great Crested Newt Surveys, Bat Surveys, Badger Surveys, Vole Surveys and Forestry. Furthermore, James hopes to supplement his skills by eventually joining the CIEEM and becoming a Chartered Ecologist.