Meet the Team

Sean Gallagher MSc MCIEEM, Consultancy Manager & Senior Ecologist. Sean is primarily responsible for bat survey and mitigation advice (including applications for European Protected Species licences with respect to bats) and is a licensed bat surveyor. He is also highly experienced in botanical survey and management planning and has over ten years experience of professional ecological work. This includes upland vegetation surveys in the Mourne Mountains and seabird surveys on the west coast of Scotland and Shetland. Sean is also licensed to survey for great crested newts and white-clawed crayfish.

Sarah Butler MSc MCIEEM AIEMA, Senior Ecologist. Sarah joined EMEC Ecology in July 2011 from a large multi-disciplinary consultancy based in the West Midlands. Sarah graduated from the University of Nottingham with an honours degree in Environmental Biology and completed an MSc in Biological Recording with the University of Birmingham. Sarah is a licensed great crested newt surveyor and has conducted newt surveys and mitigation projects throughout England. Sarah is a licensed bat surveyor and is experienced in extended Phase 1 habitat surveys and protected species surveys, including surveying for badgers, otters, water voles, white-clawed crayfish and reptiles.

Richard Anderton MSc MCIEEM, Senior Ecologist/Ornithologist. Richard is an experienced ecologist with an MSc in Conservation Biology and Ornithology. He is skilled in Phase 1 habitat surveys and a range of protected species surveys including ornithology. Richard returned to EMEC Ecology after a spell in Scotland, where he co-ordinated the ornithological work for proposed wind farm sites. Richard holds a survey licence for great crested newt, white-clawed crayfish and barn owl. Richard is also a qualified tree climber and has completed a Diploma in Arboriculture; he therefore carries out a range of tree surveys.

Tim Bailey MSc ACIEEM, Consultant Ecologist. Tim Bailey MSc joined the EMEC Ecology team at the start of March 2015. He graduated from the University of Birmingham with an MSc in Biological Recording. Tim is a licensed bat surveyor and volunteer bat roost visitor. He comes to EMEC Ecology after working in wildlife conservation and nature reserve management for Wildlife Trusts and most recently for the National Trust. Tim is experienced in practical habitat management for wildlife conservation and access, creation of management plans and surveying for European Protected Species.

Kelly Yates Kelly Joined EMEC Ecology in 2017 as our administrator, coming from a background of charity administration and finance. Kelly ensures the smooth running of day to day office procedures and is always happy to help. Kelly is a member of the Association of Accounting Technicians.

Jenny Carter BSc, Ecologist Jenny re-joined EMEC Ecology in June 2016 after completing a year-long placement during her time at university in 2014-2015. She graduated from The University of Sheffield with a degree in Ecology and is now studying part-time for her masters at The University of Leeds. Jenny is a member of the Nottinghamshire Bat Group and is volunteer bat roost visitor. She is involved in the Nottinghamshire Dormouse Group having helped in reintroducing dormice back into Nottinghamshire and monitoring their progress. Jenny is involved with a variety of protected species surveys with EMEC Ecology and is working towards gaining EPS protected species licences.

Nikki Morton MSci, Assistant Ecologist Nikki joined EMEC Ecology in August 2017 on an eight week summer placement with the Nottingham Internship Scheme. After graduating from the University of Nottingham with an MSci (Hons) in Biology, Nikki has remained at EMEC Ecology in order to continue to gain experience and work towards her admission to CIEEM. Nikki hopes to continue her time at EMEC Ecology, experiencing the wide array of surveys that are carried out throughout the year.

Steve Ralph MSc MCIEEM, Senior Ecologist. Steve is proficient in Phase 1 habitat survey and site assessment and undertakes the larger, more complex Ecological Impact Assessments (EcIA) that EMEC Ecology carries out. He has managed reptile translocation projects (including reptile translocation schemes in Derbyshire and Leicestershire) and badger mitigation projects (which have included applications for sett closure and badger disturbance licences). Steve has also carried out badger bait-marking surveys where development proposals had the potential to result in a reduction in foraging habitat. Steve also undertakes great crested newt surveys and applications for European Protected Species licences with respect to newts.

Zoe Jackson MSc ACIEEM, Consultant Ecologist. Zoe joined EMEC Ecology following her graduation from Trinity College, in Dublin, where she completed an MSc in Biodiversity and Conservation. Zoe undertakes extended Phase 1 habitat surveys of proposed development sites across the East Midlands, with recent projects carried out near Derby, Newark and Lincoln, and is experienced in applying the Hedgerow Evaluation and Grading Systems (HEGS). At EMEC Ecology she has gained extensive experience in conservation management and creating management plans including those of large sites such as country parks and woodlands. Zoe holds a great crested newt licence and carries out protected species surveys including amphibian, otter, water vole and reptile surveys.

Will Sheppard MSc Grad CIEEM, Ecologist. Will joined EMEC Ecology in 2013 having graduated from the University of Leicester with an honours degree in Zoology. He has recently completed a MSc in Invertebrate Ecology and Conservation. Will has carried out a variety of surveys to assess the condition of habitats using their invertebrate assemblages, including aquatic, acid mire, scrub edge and dead wood communities. Holding a great crested newt licence, he has experience of implementing a range of mitigation strategies for newts. Will is involved with a variety of protected species surveys including great crested newts, reptiles, white-clawed crayfish and the closure of badger setts.

Adrian Dutton BSc, Entomologist Joining us in August 2015, Adrian Dutton brings additional skills to EMEC Ecology, with his 30 years experience in invertebrates. He is a valuable asset to the company and has already carried out invertebrate surveys for Natural England across the country, looking at invertebrate abundance in relation to scrub habitat. In addition to the species level identification required for the contract for Natural England, Adrian has been undertaking butterfly and moth surveys at sites in Nottinghamshire and aquatic invertebrate surveys of rivers and streams. The results of these surveys can be used to assess the pollution levels of watercourses.

Amy Trewick BSc Grad CIEEM, Ecologist. Amy joined EMEC Ecology in April 2016. She graduated from Nottingham Trent University with an honours degree in Wildlife Conservation; her dissertation project was a study on the impacts of anthropogenic disturbance on nesting nightjar. Amy has over three years' experience in protected species surveys and holds a great crested newt and bat licence. She has also undertaken badger bait marking surveys and assisted in the radio tracking of bats for a large scale development. Amy comes to EMEC Ecology after working for the Wildlife Trust in which her role was to advise Planning Officers on ecological matters. Alongside her role at EMEC Ecology, Amy is also assisting with the Badger Edge Vaccination Scheme in Nottinghamshire.

Sophie Jenkins, Assistant Ecologist Sophie Joined EMEC in October 2017 to complete a one year placement. She studies Natural Sciences (BSc) at the University of Nottingham and has enjoyed practical experience with UoN conservation society and the British Ecological Society. During her year with EMEC she hopes to expand her survey and ID skills as well as gather data for her dissertation project next year.

Land Management Team. Dave Sutton runs our Land Management Team with Rob Melrose, Phil Bych and David Vincent (Vinny). Dave Sutton previously worked for the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust as a Reserves Officer and has experience in habitat management, pond creation, building artificial badger setts and undertaking fencing works. Rob's background is in operating heavy plant having worked in quarries and coal sites. In recent years Rob has used these skills on conservation projects, using his expertise to ensure minimal impact to ecological sites where large diggers and machines are required. Rob has undertaken the installation of newt and reptile fencing and is experienced with herptile mitigation projects having undertaken translocation of grass snakes and great crested newts at sites in Derbyshire and Leicestershire. Phil and Vinnie started with EMEC Ecology at the end of 2014, and are working with the team on a range of habitat enhancement projects. Phil has a wealth of practical conservation experience and Vinnie has undertaken habitat conservation training and has recently recieved his chainsaw licence.