EMEC Land Management

EMEC Land Management was formally set up in 2012 as a response to requests from our clients for us to provide a complete ecological service; where previously we would undertake surveys and make habitat creation recommendations, the request from clients was to also implement these recommendations on the ground. We now have a stand-alone website for EMEC Land Management which includes further details on our services, which include:

Habitat Creation

  • Wetland creation including ponds and wet scrapes
  • Hedgerow planting and laying
  • Tree and woodland planting
  • Wildflower meadow creation
  • Installation of paths, fencing and signage
  • Installation of bat, bird and invertebrate boxes
  • Artificial badger setts
  • Artificial otter holts
  • Hibernacula
  • Fish passes

Ecological Mitigation

  • Installation of temporary amphibian and reptile fencing
  • Trapping and translocation of amphibians and reptiles
  • Trapping and translocation of water voles
  • Invasive plants control (e.g. Japanese knotweed)
  • Translocation of notable plants
  • Badger sett closures

Habitat Management

  • Wetland management including dredging and pond enhancements
  • Tree felling and tree management
  • Vegetation and scrub clearance
  • Grassland management and restoration
  • Post-creation habitat management

EMEC Ecology and EMEC Land Management often work together on projects where there is a requirement for both surveys and practical management. This may include the ecology division undertaking great crested newt surveys, with the land management division installing amphibian fencing, hibernacula and undertaking pond creation works.

Other projects where we work together include badger surveys and sett exclusions, bird surveys and bird nest box installation and invasive plant surveys followed by Japanese knotweed treatment.