Bat Activity Surveys

Evening Emergence Bat Surveys

Evening emergence surveys involve monitoring a building or tree at dusk using bat detectors and night vision camcorder equipment with infrared light sources. Surveyors monitor the buildings and / or trees and record if bats use any specific features, as identified during the daytime bat survey as exit points. The number of bats exiting a building / tree will allow a population estimate to be made. Audio clues and sonograms recorded on bat detectors allow identification of species of bat present.

Dawn Swarming Bat Surveys

Dawn swarming surveys involve monitoring a site during dawn hours as bats return to roost. This survey method can be more cost effective for larger sites as it allows the surveyor to be mobile, whereas during emergence surveys a surveyor is static and focused on a single area. This is because bats swarm around a roost entrance prior to entering, so a surveyor can easily pick up on possible roost sites as they walk around a site. However on larger sites a combination of both dawn and dusk survey methodologies would be advised.

Transect and Fixed Point Bat Surveys

Finally, bat surveys can be used to determine whether or not changes in landscapes, such as hedgerow removal, construction of a wind turbine, installation of new lighting (e.g. road lighting) or an entire change of land use, will affect bats. Night time activity surveys are used to determine bat activity and transit / foraging routes within a site. Surveyors walk transects around a site and record bat activity. Bat detectors can also be installed at specific locations within a site and set to record all bat activity over a series of nights. These surveys can be useful for identifying locations to site wind turbines or to help plan a lighting scheme which is sympathetic to bats.

If you require a quotation for a bat activity survey please send an email to us at including any site plans that you have available (or details and photographs of the site if applicable) with details of the proposed development plans of the site, along with your name and contact details. Should you wish to contact us at the office please call 0115 964 4828.